Mx. Quicksand

The primary point of contact between the group and Feather Schema.


Demonic Nature

Mx. Quicksand seems to be outgoing and very interested in the group, much to the group’s dismay. They have two covers that the group knows about and seem equally at home in either. They belong to another group of demons that apparently refer to themselves as Feather Schema, and the implication is that this group possesses a great deal of both small-i and big-I infrastructure.

Known Covers

Grace Porter

A 40-something therapist employed as a counselor at the same school that Pernoja’s daughter Athena attends. Hair graying at the temples, rotary club member.

Dillon McPherson

A 20-something burnout employed at a 7-11. Regular scene kid, on-off pill habit, has a band that is going nowhere and a misdemeanor arrest record (though the two are likely unrelated).


Mx. Quicksand

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