A Structured and Structuring Structure.


Demonic Form

A semi solid humanoid mass of golden, bio-mechanical, cockroach-esq bugs, that, when speaking, produce a cacophony of gender neutral computerized voices.


Adlai Cooper: Is a fit, athletic looking man in his late thirties, or early forties, with salt and pepper hair, intense green eyes, and impeccable grooming.

Sharon Turner: Is a slim, pleasant looking woman with gray almond-shaped eyes, who is somewhere in her early thirties. She moves with subtle confidence that is accentuated by her professional attire and expressive face.


Demonic Purpose

Their function was the construction of human political infrastructure to fabricate and propagate ideologies, or policy, amenable to future and current projects of the God-Machine.

Cover histories

Adlai Cooper: He was formerly (pre-fall) a well known lobbyist for The Sierra Club who, after a successful bid to slow the BDCP/Peripheral Tunnels Project retired from the lobbyist game and moved to LA taking a position with a UCLA based think tank on water conservation. The stated reason for the move, elaborated upon by sympathetic activist blogs, was that “Cooper: I wanted to get back to working on what I’m most passionate about and that has always been the development of new water conservation methods where they are needed most.”

Sharon Turner: Sharon is a upper-middle class LA suburbanite, who led an academically successful life all the way through and including her bar exam. After practicing corporate tax law for five years she made an initially unsuccessful move into lobbying. However, though her earlier efforts were stymied by an embarrassing confidentiality leak, Sharon recently got back in the game and currently represents Aerojet Rocketdyne.


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