Session 8

Demon the Descent: Feather Schema Session 8 The Legend of Curly’s Gold

It’s session eight of No I Am Just Going Make This An Extended City Slickers Reference and Not Even the ST Can Stop Me. It is 2012 and the cast of City Slickers 2 was…

Canticle Jones: Billy Crystal as Mitch Robbins.
Avery Adams: Daniel Stern as Phil Berquist.
Adlai Cooper: Jon Lovitz as Glenn Robbins.
(Susan/Laci) Pernoja: Jack Palance as Duke Washburn.

I Think I Already Used Firewall Oh Well It’s FIREWALL AGAIN
The Corexe Cave
The ring currently aware of the possible risks posed by Principle Security and understanding it is somehow tied to the larger LAX conspiracy has been busy preparing to enter the obscured sections of the Principle Security headquarters to determine the exact nature of the threat. However before they decide to infiltrate the infrastructure again they make contacts to prepare for possible inconveniences. Adlai finishes selling off pieces of Corexe and opens up such new features in the multi-use industrial park such as a corporate yoga studio and stalking Lauren Reeves to steal her identity again.

Principle Security Day Two
Adlai once again takes Lauren’s identity in a concerted effort to smash the poor woman’s career while Avery resumes the greatest facade ever seen in roleplaying games. Canticle does his famous “Invisible Biomechanical Spider-Skeleton Robot” impression and rides backseat with the group while Pernoja decides to use the Living Shadow exploit because at least now nobody will attempt to socialize with her.

Rather then going through the front gate (which had a troubling ability of forcing the characters to check for spoofing their human nature) everyone decides to ride in Lauren’s car because ruining a woman’s career is not enough when we can force her to buy gas for the op as well. The notes say something about saying hello to McKrunkit but he wasn’t important to the plot so fuck that. Adlai brings the ring upstairs to steal any remaining information that Lauren may have and reads a number of disturbing details from the reports she receives on the sub levels.

“Sublevel 2 incident report: Subject 31 terminated after inflicting lethal injuries on security handler. Improvement of workplace hazard mitigation training and equipment is suggested to avoid similar lethal mistakes with other subjects.”

Nothing sounds more fascinating to a group of spies then something that could potentially kill them so the entire team piles back into the elevator to go check it out. A few cramped minutes of awkward elevator space later and the infiltrators enter a dark laboratory environment filled with holding cells of strange creatures bristling with biomechanical elements. Adlai pauses to admire Subject 61 a german shepherd bristling with hypodermic quills. The camera shifts for a moment to Adlai’s memory of endlessly searching through the news for signs of the God-Machine’s influence:

”Drugs dogs gave a hit on a cargo container at LAX, but nothing was found except over 2000 containers of Tang.”

The ring decides to head deeper into Principle because viewing a terrifying cryptid lab is not enough of a hint that something is going wrong in this company. Deeper still the team goes trying to find something even more alarming like say a giant room full of pulsating flesh tubes filled with light. Regina walks from behind some of the tubes and seems surprised that Lauren is down there. There is a conversation but it mostly consists of Adlai on his back trying to sass his way out of not knowing anything about Lauren’s involvement with the infrastructure. The angel seems suspicious of Lauren and eyes the empty space where Canticle stood but makes no move to stop Adlai and Avery from leaving the room. Little do Adlai or Avery know that Canticle isn’t following them or that Pernoja has decided to hijack the angel’s shadow to follow her.

Lauren and Assistant proceed to the fifth sublevel into a room that is best described as a cross between horrific wire sex and the entirety of the human circulatory system having a baby. Meanwhile, Regina satisfied with whatever she was doing on her level of the infrastructure makes her way back to the elevator with Canticle moving after her unseen. The angel presses the buttons to return to the public floors of Principle and then begins to speak. “You know it doesn’t have to be this way.”

The table collectively shits itself.

“You can have your old purpose back. There is no reason to hide when you can belong again.” Both Canticle and Pernoja are quietly panicking completely unaware that their ring mate is in the elevator with them. Thinking quickly Canticle activates the cutting laser built into his demonic body and burns out the floor underneath the angel. There is a brief moment where she begins to plummet before Regina calmly states “Solid” and the air underneath her miraculously held her weight. Pernoja climbs out of Canticle shadow because being on the wrong side of lasers is a terrible idea and casts Gun.

“Stop,” Regina orders of the weapon and the bullet crawls to a halt inches away from the barrel of the pistol. She walks back UP into the elevator and holds out her hand to the duo. “Come back with me.”

Downstairs Adlai and Avery debate the best way to destroy this infrastructure and escape when there is the unmistakable sound of gunfire and the not so recognizable sound of an elevator floor hitting the bottom of the shaft. Adlai gives a look to Avery before crawling into the mess of living wires and directly plugging himself into the infrastructure. Avery as a personal assistant is not paid enough for this shit.

The blood of an angel is the ichor of something unworldly it glows brightly in the light of the elevator. Regina stares at the two demons with her single eye and the empty hole that goes clear through her head but never lowers her hands to her fallen brethren. “Lets return together.” Canticle scrambles through the emergency exit on top of the elevator car and begins to cut through the emergency breaks and suspension cables that keep the elevator from being under gravity’s harsh purview. Pernoja lunges for the demon and in an attempt to outgross every other description so far shoves her gun into Regina’s skull through the previous gunshot wound.

Below Adlai is connected directly into the gnostic network that moves and informs each aspect of the God-Machine’s greater architecture. He is bombarded by information swallowed up in a sea of knowledge that was once his before the fall but now entirely alien to his tragically mortal understanding of the universe. As he stairs out over strange vistas and ancient plans something looks back into him. Lauren Reeves disappears from the command chamber and Adlai in all his chitinous, demonic glory stands wrapped in the God-Machine’s embrace instead. Something distant is reactive and begins retrieval procedures. There is a terrifying screech from above as a several thousand pound corporate elevator smashes into the bottom of the shaft through the concrete base into infinity.

Pernoja looks down at the fractal abyss full of stars that is painted out below her she feels nothing but nausea but perfect facial control means she doesn’t show it at all. Her eyes and hands are seeping with the same angelic ichor that had come out of Regina, a mark for harming her cover. Canticle hangs above her with one of his leg spurrs stabbed through the shoulder of her shirt. “Think you can get a little lighter?”

Black slime has started flooding the bottom levels of the Principle building even as Adlai struggled to pull himself free of the infrastructure he was connected to. Whatever void had swallowed up the elevator was clearly starting to pull the rest of the place into it. Adlai tugs himself free of the wires just in time to watch Avery be rescued by his friendly neighborhood Canticle and soon joins his team in getting the hell out of there. This song begins playing for the entire duration of the escape:

Dead Drop
Pernoja checks the dead drop a few days later after getting over a nasty case of stigmata.


She places a letter in the deaddrop to contact her.

Avalon Club
Some asshole is pushing untested product in Avery’s turf and that will not stand. The pusher is a guy going be Simon Wong that apparently has some cop problems that will not go away. He doesn’t make his own product but sells whatever “Leona” gives him to pass along to the consuming clubgoers. Avery takes the naive pusher upstairs and proceed to demonically seduce the shit out of the guy.

What We Learned
• If we ever go back somewhere then things go all action movie
• Never Ending Story is a good song.
• Regina was absolutely fucking terrifying.
• Something about LAX made cryptids out of the local wild life.
• Adlai is now hunted.
• Athena does not like when her mom comes home bleeding light from her eyeballs.
• We are in a big old heap of trouble

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Session 8

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